Your Search for Johnny's Seasoning Salt is Over

Your Search for Johnny's Seasoning Salt is Over


The Struggle is Real.....

As a proud authorized distributor of Johnny's Fine Foods products, we hear over and over from our customers that they are excited to purchase Johnny's exclusive products from us. 

They often search for months trying to figure out where to buy Johnny's Seasoning product. They have shared their stories with us about driving to store after store in their local area looking for their favorite seasonings, such as Johnny's Seasoning Salt and Johnny's Garlic Spread and leaving empty handed... that is until they find us.

We've spoken to these customers over the phone at times and these conversations often start off with.. "I've used Johnny's Seasoning Salt or Johnny's Salad & Pasta Elegance for more than 30 years" 

These customers have sent us handwritten letters of thanks and appreciation for enabling them to continue to enjoy their favorite Johnny's Seasoning products. We are equally as thankful and appreciative for the love and support and glad that we are able to help. 

Over the years, we've carried many different products and product lines. This product line is the only one that we've felt a strong personal connection with. We too, have enjoyed Johnny's Seasoning Salt for 30+ years and share the same passion about Johnny's products right along with our customers. 


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