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We're excited to announce that we are offering subscription service on all of our grocery products, including the world famous Johnny's products! This means, that you will never run out of your favorite products. You can have complete control over the subscriptions too. You can start, stop or pause your subscriptions to suit your needs. You also get to choose the frequency of the shipments. You want one shipped to you every day? Don't worry, we aren't judging, We're too busy making that happen for you to judge you for your daily shipments. Just do you. :-) 

So you want to order your favorite Johnny's Seasoning Salt to deliver to your home every month or every 3 months? No problem, just add the item to your cart and get an automatic 15% savings applied to your orders. 

Did you need to add some Papa Ray's German Apple Pancake mix to your cart too, but didn't want to subscribe to this product right now? No worries, you can add single item purchases and subscription items to your cart and check out in a single transaction.

Did you need to change your subscription because you keep running out? Not an issue, you can easily adjust the schedule from our website anytime you need to. 

Did you say that you also want to apply your discount coupon too? Pretty smart move on your part and totally fine with us. You can add your coupon and promo codes at checkout and quickly increase your savings on top of the subscription savings. 




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