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Johnny's Jamaica Mistake Dressing, 32oz Bottle

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Johnny's Jamaica Mistake Dressing, 32oz Bottle

Made in the kitchen of Tacoma's famed Johnny's Dock waterfront restaurant, the chef was working on a new creation, which since has become a tradition there. Being of Jamaican descent, he created a marvelous tropical salad dressing. But the chef's overzealous assistant mistakenly used this zesty delight for BASTING CHICKEN on the BBQ. Also for MARINADING VEGETABLES, as a seasoning for CASSEROLES, even as a PARTY DIP! It was terrific! Make your next dish a hit, with the mistake that turned out great!

  • Great as a seasoning for casseroles or even party dip
  • Made in Tacoma, WA by the nationally known Johnny's Fine Foods
  • Also works well as a marinade for vegetables or even chicken