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Mirrored Chevron Print Wall Decoration

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The Mirrored Chevron Print Wall Decoration is a beautiful decorative addition to any room in your home. It is easy to install and adds very classy touch to any decor.

This 32 piece acrylic wall sticker kit that comes in 3 colors and 3 sizes. The acrylic pieces are shipped with a protective film that is peeled off after installation.

Each acrylic mirror kit comes with 2 of each contrasting pattern (A & B pattern) to make 4 squares total and a template to help install them. The sizes are referring to the height/width of the (assembled) squares (4) as if they are laid out side by side horizontally or vertically. The squares are either 8 x 8in, 12 x 12in or 16 x 16in.

Sizes (H x W)

20x80cm - 8 x 32 in

30x120cm - 12 x 48 in

40x160cm - 16 x 63 in

Color: Silver, Gold and Black

Note: some of the example photos have installations that require more than one kit. One kit includes enough pieces for 4 squares installed either vertically or horizontally.