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Multi Purpose Washable Bag Plant

  • Washable Kraft Paper Bag Plant Flowers Pots Multifunction Home Storage Bag Reuse


    • wear-resistant, non-pilling bags, can be washed kraft paper

    • Imported natural woven pulp, does not contain any harmful substances

    • After washing will become soft, showing another nostalgic style feel

    • In short, it is environmentally friendly metal kraft paper material

    • Shimmering metallic paper bag, the perfect storage solution for anywhere around the home.

    • and flatten for easy storage,

    • So it can be reused again and again.

    • Store anything from craft materials, plants, to jewelry, fruit, candy, flowers and can store many more

    • Usages: Plant pot cover; Multi-purpose storage bag; Innovative paper bag

    • Note: The material of the product is washable, but we don‚Äôt recommend you to wash the metallic covered bagsbecause its surface is treated with gilding process, otherwise, the metal on the surface will be worn off

    • Material: kraft paper

    • Size(approx.): W * H * D: 8 * 8 * 15cm or 12 * 12 * 23cm

    • Color:BlackÔºåGray,Brown,White,Gold,Silver,Rose Gold

    Packing :

    • 1x Washable kraft paper bag