Native American Herbal Tea - Indian Love - Herbal Tea

Native American Herbal Tea - Indian Love

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In the Indian culture when a young man fell in love with a woman, he went through certain procedures. First, he would go to her father with gifts as was the traditional way. If the father approved of the young man and consented to give his daughter to him, the young brave would start his courtship. He would use his flute to play courting songs while the woman was inside her teepee. Often this would go on at night. Each brave had his own songs he would play for a woman, usually a special song played only for her. If the woman liked the young man, she would prepare a special blend of tea, INDIAN LOVE TEA. She would then come out of her teepee to the sound of the music and offer he young brave a cup of tea, a sign of mutual admiration.


Blackberry Leaf, Sarsaparilla Root, White Oak Bark, Rose Flower, Ginseng Root, Muira Puama, Elecampane, Angelica Root, Marjoram, Licorice Root, Missouri Snake Root, Ginger Root, Damiana and Natural Flavor

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