Papa Ray's Marketplace (Blackberry Lemon Scone Mix)

Northwest blackberries mixed with a hint of lemon makes this a mouth watering scone.

This deliciously addictive scone is a perfect mix of Northwest blackberries dancing with a hint of Lemon flavor. A tasty mix without being sour or too strong, it has just enough lemon to satisfy and not overpower the tantalizing taste of those real blackberries. It is a tantalizing treat to bake for friends or just for yourself with tea. A must have for the lemon scone lover. Makes 8 - 12 Scones - Weighs 16 ounces


Wheat Flour, Malted Barley Flour (enriched), Dried Blackberries, Sugar, Natural Flavoring, Non-Aluminum Baking Powder and Sea Salt.

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